Corona vaccines may extend your period

Studies: Corona vaccines may extend your period

After speculating for a long time about whether Corona vaccines affect the menstrual cycle, the results of studies in this regard began to appear, and according to one of them, Corona vaccines may prolong the period of the menstrual cycle, but their general effect on the menstrual cycle is not a cause for concern.

Studies: Corona vaccines may extend your period


According to a new study, the results of which were recently published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology and led by a team of researchers at Oregon Health and Science University, receiving corona vaccines may extend the menstrual cycle by approximately 19 hours, meaning that the vaccines may  actually have an effect. on the menstrual


To conduct the study, the researchers followed and analyzed the menstrual cycle data of nearly 4,000 women over several months, by tracking changes that were recorded through a fertility and menstrual tracking application. The study included women who had received corona vaccines and others who had not yet received the vaccines.

After examining the data closely, it was noted that:

  • Receiving the first dose of corona vaccines prolonged the menstrual cycle by 15.36 hours.
  • Receiving the second dose of corona vaccines prolonged the menstrual cycle by 18.96 hours.
  • Receiving two doses of corona vaccines within a month (that is, one full menstrual cycle) prolonged the menstrual cycle by 48 hours, but this result was only for a small sample of no more than 400 women.

In other words, the length of the menstrual cycle in the majority of women who received doses of vaccines may increase by no more than a day, but at the same time, no effect of vaccines on the length of the actual menstrual bleeding was observed. The researchers believe these results are positive; It states that there are no significant effects of vaccines on the menstrual cycle and that any changes may be temporary and are not cause for concern.

This study began after many women around the world noticed changes in their menstrual cycle after receiving vaccinations over the past year, such as early menstruation and unusually heavy periods.

Corona vaccines - The study is still going on 

It should be noted that the results of the aforementioned study are preliminary, as this study is supposed to continue for a whole year. It was announced that this study would begin in September of 2021, with the participation of researchers from 5 different universities, including John Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School.

length of the normal menstrual cycle 

The length of the menstrual cycle is estimated at an average of 28 days, but the length of the menstrual cycle may vary slightly from one woman to another, and the length of the menstrual cycle may also differ from one menstrual cycle to another in the same woman, depending on certain factors that may affect the menstrual cycle, such as stress.