Protruding eye surgery

Protruding eye surgery


The eye is the source of a person’s beauty, and the beauty of the eyes increases self-confidence and a person’s ability to express, and is considered one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the appearance of men and women, but there are some people who have problems in the eyes such as having protruding eyes, and it is one of the biggest problems that threaten them, They suffer from many problems because of it, but today there is an ideal solution to the problem of bulging eyes, which is the plastic surgery of the bulging eyes, operations that are carried out with ease and simplicity, and have spread widely throughout the world.

Protruding eye surgery

Eye plastic surgery:

These operations are a large group of operations, as there is a whole branch of aesthetic medicine known as oculoplastic surgery, it varies from one case to another depending on the problem that the person suffers from in his eyes, these operations vary as there are operations to beautify the eyes of the strabismus and operations to beautify the eyes, which are protruding, and sunken And operations to treat various aesthetic eye problems, and these operations work to treat all of these problems.

Where the eye muscles are tightened, or skin sagging in the area around the eyes is removed, whether through different types of injections, such as botox, filler and plasma injections for the face, and through surgeries or tensile threads, as well as there are surgeries that dissolve fat, whether by injection Mesotherapy or using precise laser beams. As for strabismus eye surgeries, it cannot be performed with a laser and must be done by surgery or microsurgery, and the treatment is by tightening, shortening or relaxing the eye muscle by separating it and reconnecting it a few millimeters behind its place.

The different types of eye surgery:

  1. Sunken eyes plastic surgery
  2. Protruding eye surgery
  3. squint eye surgery
  4. Enlargement of narrow eyes
  5. Asian eye surgery
  6. Treatments for dark circles around the eyes
  7. Eyelid wrinkles treatment
  8. Laughing wrinkles treatment and removal
  9. Treatment of puffiness under the eyes and bags in the area around the eyes
  10. Heavy eyelid surgery

Protruding eye surgery cost:

This operation varies in cost from one place to another, as its value is determined according to many factors, including the surgeon who performs the operation, and the amount of his experience and efficiency in eye cosmetic surgery, where the patient must make sure that the doctor performed the operation for similar cases before, and according to the medical center The availability of medical devices necessary for the operation, as well as the advanced technologies by which the operation is performed.

In general, this process may have an average cost in each country. The cost in Egypt starts from about 1,500 USD and reaches 5,000 USD, depending on the case, while the cost in the United States of America starts from 3,000 USD and sometimes reaches 8,000 USD. In the UK, the cost starts at $5,000 and goes up to $15,000.

After protruding eye surgery:

These operations often show their results on the day after the surgery, but some swelling and swelling remain around the eyes, but quickly this swelling disappears, which may reach about a month and disappear completely after that, and a month is sufficient to judge the results of the operation, and this operation to beautify the eyes is considered the results It is permanent and does not need to be repeated again, but there are some other operations such as rejuvenation operations, eyelid tightening and some other operations that treat the effects of aging, which are considered operations that have a temporary effect on people.

How to perform protruding eyes:

Anesthesia is the first stage in the operation, and eye cosmetic operations must be performed under the influence of general anesthesia, such as eye expansion operations or strabismus eye surgeries, but there are some other eye cosmetic operations that do not need general anesthesia, only local anesthesia.

The surgical incision is made, and this incision is also made in laser operations, with the aim of inserting the cannula, but this incision is very small in most operations, especially laser operations, and microscopic cosmetic operations, but in the surgery of protruding eyes, it is slightly larger.

In sunken eye surgeries, the process is done by injecting the filler under and around the eye, and there is no need to make a surgical incision, but in the case of expanding the eyes, it is necessary to remove the sagging eyelids, and to remove part of the eyelid in some cases, and after the surgical incision is closed and dissolved Self-threading.

Damage and complications of protruding eye surgery:

  • After the operation is completed, there may be a problem with closing the eye and opening it easily.
  • Damage and complications from general anesthesia may occur, such as bleeding or blood pooling in the area of ​​​​the operation.
  • The operation may occur after major errors that may affect the optic nerve, and this may lead to vision loss.

But in the event that the operation was performed by a senior surgeon, who has high experience in the field of eye cosmetic surgery, and the operation was carried out in well-developed centers with a good reputation, and it is necessary to be subject to good supervision, then the risks in this case are reduced, and may be non-existent, and if any, they are few, simple and temporary. And it goes away quickly.

Protruding eye surgery recovery period:


Eyes plastic surgery is done with a vicryl electrode, and this type is known to dissolve on its own, and the electrode does not need to be re-disassembled after the operation again. Around the eyes, this swelling goes away in a period of up to about a month until it disappears completely.
After about a month, the operation can be judged, and the final image can be reached. Some operations have permanent results, such as protruding eye surgeries, as well as Asian eye surgeries, and others, but operations that specialize in rejuvenation, eyelid tightening, and other such operations are considered temporary operations that are postponed. Only the onset of aging but do not prevent it forever.


The most important conditions for the candidate for protruding eye surgery:

  • Must be an adult, over 15 years old.
  • There is a clear problem in the eye (exophthalmos) or he suffers from other functional or cosmetic problems.
  • The person must be a non-smoker, have good health, and do not have any chronic diseases that prevent him from completing the surgery.
  • It is better for the person to make this decision on his own, and not suffer from any psychological or neurological diseases.
  • That the patient has a positive spirit and realistic expectations for the operation.

Conclusion of protruding eyes:

Cosmetic surgery is one of the operations that really affects the person's shape and body, and increases his self-confidence, as beautiful eyes are the basis of a beautiful face, and the owner of these eyes often has great self-confidence, and is able to express and give more than others.

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